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Eating Well During Social Distancing

How to Make Healthy Choices 

When you’re working from home and limiting trips to the grocery store because of social distancing recommendations, it can be tempting to rely on delivery and takeout – especially when you live at the Wilshaw Apartments, and you’ve got several amazing restaurants on your street. It’s also easy to snack all day when you don’t have an official lunch break. 

We love snacks and tasty meals, but we’re also working on limiting our intake of  “comfort food.” If you’ve got the same goal, we’ve got some strategies to share with you! 

Take a Lunch

Snacking is how we sometimes “get by” without eating an actual lunch. Over the course of a day, though, snacks can amount to much more than what we would eat for lunch. If you’re accustomed to taking a lunch break, do that when working from home. Step away from your computer and make yourself a salad or a light midday meal, then take a brisk walk (weather permitting). 

Get Healthy Snacks

A snack doesn’t need a lot of additives to be satisfying. A few carrot sticks, an apple, or a handful of almonds are all tasty and healthy alternatives to most of the offerings in the store’s snack aisles. 

Pre-Package Portions

Even when snacks are healthy, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Use sandwich bags or reusable containers to portion-out daily snacks for yourself. 

Choose Filling, Low-Fat Foods

Start your day with oatmeal or a smoothie made with spinach, almond milk, and fresh pineapple or banana. These nutrient-rich foods will make you feel full, so you can make it to lunchtime without snacking. 

Reward Yourself 

Did you make it through the week eating healthy foods and limiting snacks? Reward yourself and support a local business with carryout from your favorite eatery on Main Street. Because even though Wilshaw’s beautiful kitchens give you ample room for making meals, sometimes we all need a break from cooking. 

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