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Decorating Your New Open-Concept Apartment

So you’ve just moved into a new, open-concept apartment. Congratulations! Now you can begin to make it your own. If you’re upgrading or you’ve never decorated an open floor plan before, you might be wondering how to make the best use of your new space. We’re here to help!

First, here are some basics on furnishing an open-concept apartment: 

  • Make it functional

  • Distinguish your spaces, but unify them

  • Each space should have a focal point

  • Place furniture away from the walls

  • Aim for a smooth transition

Now, some details.

Make it functional

Each part of your home should reflect the overall look, feel, and style of your home while performing its specific function.

Before arranging your furniture, take some time to thoughtfully consider how you’d like each area of your home to function and how you can best achieve that end. An area that doesn’t serve a purpose is just wasted space, so think about where you'll work, socialize, eat, and relax, and make those spaces work for you. 

Distinguish your spaces, but unify them

There are lots of ways to define spaces within your home, whether it’s with furniture, colors, or another type of decor. 

You might have read that a rug helps anchor and define a space, but a rug is definitely not mandatory, nor is it the only way to achieve that goal. If you have attractive and modern plank flooring like that found at Wilshaw Apartments, you might not want to hide it under a rug. And in a dining area, a rug might make cleaning more of a hassle. You can still anchor your space with a strategically placed piece of furniture. For example, a loveseat, sofa, or chair that is facing into your living area and away from the kitchen can help define those two spaces. 

You might also consider using a literal room divider like a decorative folding panel, screen, or bookshelf. Wayfair has thousands to choose from!

Each space should have a focal point

If you are curating a cozy reading nook, this might be a contrasting accent pillow or throw blanket in your comfy reading chair, a stack of books, a reading lamp, or it might be the chair itself. A focal point could also be a piece of art hanging on the wall. For a dining area, your focal point could be a floral arrangement or centerpiece. This serves to further distinguish each zone of your home, as well as highlight your unique and most-loved pieces of furniture and decor.

Place furniture away from the walls

Although it might seem like a waste of space, placing furniture away from the walls creates “breathing room” and can also make an open space feel more intimate. Even in a smaller room, it can provide a sense of balance.

Aim for a smooth transition

If you have a cozier open-concept apartment, consider using furniture with rounded edges. This will help you physically get from one space to another without bumping into sharp edges along the way.

You also want to enable a smooth transition metaphorically. Walking from your eating area to your living area should not feel like entering another world. If you have a style, design element, or color to unify your distinctive living spaces, it won’t feel jarring when you transition from one space to the next. 

Start fresh

Take a look at Wilshaw. These downtown Speedway, Indiana apartments provide new, luxury units in modern white and gray shades, providing the perfect backdrop for a home that showcases your own unique style. Choose from one of our five open-concept floor plans that allow both the comfort and flexibility ideal for any lifestyle. Call (317) 342-9441 to schedule a tour and reserve your new home today. 

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Ready to start your new chapter? Lease by 4/30/2023 to receive a REDUCED RATE and $150.00 worth of household items for your new home!